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Window Treatments Coral Springs Shades Coral Springs Best Buy Window Treatment 03015Best Buy Window Treatments offers an array of selections for shades. We offer Sheer Shades, Mezzanine Layered Shades, Roller Shades, and Solar shades, each of which can be motorized or manually controlled by hand. The motors for our shade selections can be powered by an RTS motor, or our new, state of the art, virtual cord technology. Virtual Cord technology for our shades uses a frequency called Z Wave. Z Wave frequency is ideal for shade technology because it can easily avoid other radio waves which might affect the communication between motor and motor control. In the past, motorized blinds were liable to receive interference with another frequency from something as simple as a handheld C.B. radio or something with a similar communication language to what is used in an RTS motor for a window treatment. Z

Wave is is its own language that does not pick up interference from other radio wave transmission technological devices. To activate a smart device such as a phone to connect to the Virtual Cord Z Wave technology, a smart hub must be purchased from a third party. The smart hub device we recommend to connect to Virtual Cord is Samsung Smart Hub, which will provide the simplest pathway for your smartphone or iPad device to communicate with your blind itself. RTS motors require a MyLink device, which we sell through Graber, so that your motorized shades can communicate with your smartphone or iPad device. Virtual Cord can be powered with Lithium Ion batteries in a tube or dual tube, or be connected to the internal power of the house itself with a plug. RTS motor can be controlled by batteries or a plug as well.

Window Treatments Coral Springs Shades Coral Springs Best Buy Window Treatment 03029Sheer Shades can be a great addition to your home. They are a beautifully simplistic, modern interpretation of the horizontal blind. Sheer fabric shades appear to be hung, suspended in mid air, woven into a transparent, almost unnoticeable, fabric which allows them to be rolled up into the cassette at the top or rolled down to the bottom sill of the window itself. When Sheer Shades are fully down, the Sheer Fabric shades sit parallel or perpendicular to the window, allowing, respectfully, either natural light to open up the room alone, or both natural and visible light to pass through. When the Sheer Shades are not fully down to the sill they sit on top of each other, parallel to the window, so that natural light can be filtered through them while no visible light can pass through.

Mezzanine Layered Shades are a beautiful and elegant adaptation of horizontal blinds with a modern effect as well. Where Mezzanine Layered Shades differ from Sheer Shades is that they only sit in a position situated parallel to the window pane. Layered Shades, as their name suggests, layer on top of themselves as they are rolled up from the sill into their cassette or all the way down to the sill itself. They can block all visible light from passing through the window when the layers are not stacked but the shade is in the down position, they can block half of all visible light and allow natural lighting of the room when they are stacked and the shade is in the down position, or they can offer a combo of an open window and closed window shade, layered on top of itself or not. Layered Shades tend to be far easier to clean than Sheer Shades.

Roller Shades are a very popular and relatively cost efficient option in the shades category. Roller Shades are offered in Blackout, Room Darkening, and Light Filtering options. Blackout Shades completely block out all visible and natural light from entering the room. They can be hung in an inside or an outside mount. Outside mount for Blackout Shades is the most ideal option for covering all visible and natural light front entering the room they are intended to black out, but a shade mounted on the outside of a window will stick out from the wall completely, usually presenting an aesthetic difficulty for the consumer in addition to an extra three inches added to either side of the shade, three inches on top, and three inches below the sill. An option for inside mount will put the shade completely within the frame of the window and, installed correctly, can be flush against the wall itself. The problem with installing a Blackout Shade on an inside mount lies with the light gaps on either end of the shade. These small light gaps can easily be accommodated for by installing a liner to the window frame itself so that all visible and natural light can be blocked out as the Blackout Shade is intended to do. Room Darkening Roller Shades block all visible light from entering the room but are not as tightly woven as a Blackout Shade. Side channels are available but usually not used with Room Darkening Roller Shades. Light Filtering Roller Shades are even less tightly woven than Room Darkening Roller Shades, and side channels are rarely used to compliment them.

Window Treatments Coral Springs Shades Coral Springs Best Buy Window Treatment 03017Solar Shades are another very popular and relatively cost efficient product for shades. Solar Shades operate with the same roller mechanism as Roller Shades. Solar Shades are a beautiful product in that they can block heat from the outside while still allowing visible and natural light to enter the room. Solar Shades are woven such that tiny holes allow visible light to pass. They are not ideal for privacy, but they tend to be much more difficult to see into from the outside than to see outward from the inside. Transparency/ opacity levels for Solar Shades range from 1%, the most difficult and tightest weave to see through to 14%, the least difficult and least tightly woven weave to see through. The solar material used in the weave of a Solar Shade blocks and disperses all of the energy given from natural light that would be used to collect power for a solar panel. There are some beautiful color and weave selections for Solar Shades.

Sheer Shades, Mezzanine Layered Shades, Roller Shades, and Solar Shades can all be powered electronically with a motor from a button on the wall, a multi-channel compatible remote, a smart hub device to connect to your phone or tablet, or manually via continuous loop plastic or stainless steel chain or cordless operation. Shades are very versatile and all of our options can suit all any of your needs. Call us today at 954-796-6796 and let us make it easy for you!

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