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Liz provide you with a free consultation for your shutters coral springs FL. That’s right we are not going to charge you were make you commit to a purchase to provide you with a expert coming your home and consulting with you on the right products for your home. We want to make sure that we not only find a product that is going to work for your home and your families needs the one that is going to look great as well. The feeling of your home is is important to us is anything else. We will make sure that we nail every aspect of our window treatments so the you are nothing but amazed by the products that we install.

The matter if you are using our services for shutters coral springs FL or if you are needing to use us for custom blinds, shades, draperies, or even drapery hardware we are going to give you a lifetime warranty. That’s right we provide a lifetime warranty on all the products and services we offer. The only thing that we do not offer a lifetime warranty on, is the motors for drapery automation. Our we do offer five year warranty on these parts as well. This is the leading more to the you’ll find in the entire industry to take advantage of it by hiring us for all of your window accessory needs.

Let us come in and automate your home. We’re going to be able to install automatic opening in closers with Alexa home device. This means you will be old to walk into a room and say Alexa open the blinds. But your blinds are going to be automatically rolling up in the sunlight will come pouring in. Or if you are laying in bed in the sun begins come up and you realize that you forgot to closure blinds you can ask Alexa to please close the blinds. This amazing feature that will make you feel like you are living in a future paradise.

Let us take care of any of your window treatment needs by calling us today. All you do is because of our customer service representatives and pick up a time that works for you for us to come your home. You can reach customer service representative is by dialing 1-800-473-2791. Additionally you can visit our website and make sure you’re aware of all the products and services we are going to be able to offer you on bestbuywindowtreatments.com