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Window Treatments Coral Springs Shades Coral Springs Best Buy Window Treatment 03047What makes our company here at Best Buy Window Treatment different from everyone else is our keen attention to detail and our sheer concern for customer satisfaction. A mere eighth of an inch can be the difference of the sun hitting your eyelid while you are trying to rest in the morning and you staying in bed, completely unaware of the gleaming daylight. The difference between us and another company is that we are with you from the start until the finish. We schedule your free consultation with no purchase obligation to you by sending one of our Design Consultants to your home to compliment your functional needs with your aesthetic desires, provide the quote for you right there in your home, send the installer for a final measurement to provide extreme precision so you are completely satisfied, install the product and check with you that everything is up to your standards, and cater to your needs when you need to address a malfunction or asses an issue concerning your limited lifetime warranty for a replacement. We are there for our customers through thick and thin and address every concern, even before they become apparent to the customer.

Window Treatments Coral Springs Shades Coral Springs Best Buy Window Treatment 03045We are passionate about our customers here at Best Buy Window Treatment because it is customer satisfaction that drives our company into the future. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy customer post a picture on social media of a custom window treatment we did for them because they want to show it off to the world. Seeing a customer’s eyes light up the first time after an installation when they see the realized result of what one of our design consultants created for their home from nothing more than a whim of an idea brightens our world here at Best Buy Window Treatment. Call us today at 954-796-6796 and let us make it easy for you! An interesting fact that makes our company unique here at Best Buy Window Treatment is that it is truly a family business. The owner and his wife handle big picture company affairs while the eldest daughter manages the company’s current projects and scheduling. Sometimes the youngest daughter will come to the office for a couple of hours after grade school to do homework or entertain the family by practicing for one of her violin recitals or drawing random pictures of employees with colored pencils. Even the small Yorkie will join into the family business by walking around and licking ankles to make sure everyone is staying on their toes.

Window Treatments Coral Shades Coral Springs 03001If you are on this website right now, take a second to look at some of our amazing products to fashion your window with. Plantation Shutters which come in composite and natural wood add a sense of timeless style to your home with an everlasting quality incomparable to our competitors. Blackout Shades from our line of Roller Shades and Cellular Shades can turn your home into a secluded palace that blocks out every bit of light imaginable. Our line of vertical and horizontal blinds can add a bit of simple functionality and subtle elegance that will turn your living space into a home. Shield the heat with our selections of Solar Shades. Modernize your home with a minimalistic sense of style with our line of Mezzanine Layered Shades or Sheer Shades. Take a look and around… if you are unsure of what to choose, schedule one of our Design Consultants to come to your home for a free consultation and hear their expert advice on beautifying your home while catering to your needs.

Best Buy Window Treatments is a local business out of Coral Springs, Florida, serving the community for Graber Custom Window Treatments including Motorized Blinds, Blackout Roller and Solar Shades, Plantation Shutters, Drapes and Curtains. Transform your view with our elegant selection of Custom Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Drapes. Best Buy Window Treatments is a family owned operation based out of Broward County, Florida, serving the tri county area of Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach as well as our West coast branch in Naples, Florida for custom window treatments by Graber. There is no better option for window treatments in the area for eloquent style and quality from American made materials with a limited lifetime warranty on all products and a 5 year warranty on all motor components. Set up your free consultation today by calling 954-796-6796, one of our Design Consultant experts would love to come show you our selection of window treatments with no purchase obligation, a gratuitous service for advice and options to fashion your home with the latest window treatments that can fill every budget, every color, and, most importantly, every need. Let us make it easy for you!

Best Buy Window Treatments is an ideal company for customizing your home with blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes. We work with Graber, a company based out of Middleton Wisconsin. Graber has been in the business for window treatments since 1939 and all of the wood products for custom plantation shutters and custom blinds come from a private forest of hardwood where for every tree that is cut down another two are planted, making it a green company. Window treatments for custom draperies are woven and sewn in Hialeah, Florida in Miami Dade county. Blinds, Shades, Shutters, Drapes, we can suit all your needs for window treatments.

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